Mid-High Rise Residential

Some of the areas inspected include…

• Site (Topography, Storm water drainage, Access & egress, Paving, curbing and parking, Flatwork, Landscape and appurtenances, Recreational facilities, Utilities, Electricity, Natural gas, Sanitary sewer, Storm sewer)

• Structural Frame and Building Envelope (Foundation, Building frame, Façade and curtainwall, Parapets and Roofing)

• Mechanical and Electrical Systems (Plumbing-supply, distribution and fixtures; Heating-Equipment and distribution; HVAC-Equipment distribution and control systems; Electrical-Service and metering and distribution)

• Vertical Transportation (elevators / escalators)

• Life Safety /Fire Protection (Sprinklers and Stand pipes, Alarm, systems, Fire extinguishers, Emergency lighting, Fire alarm systems, Fire hydrants and Smoke detectors)

• Interior Elements (Common areas, Tenant spaces, Kitchen spaces (multi­-family/residential units), Dwelling units (low/mid/high rise apartment units), Bathroom spaces and ADA considerations)

• Commercial Cooking Facilities (Installed equipment, Exhaust system, Hood system and Fire suppression)